It’s been a few days since we’ve reminded our readers about sending in a donation to Vinton Today to keep us online through this next year.

I had started an article a few weeks ago that started something like this…

Your support is so important to us, and let me tell you about one gal that has supported us from before we were even online…then she called.

Back when we between jobs, in that 3 month period where we were getting Vinton Today ready to roll out, Dean’s aunt called and asked if we were okay, meaning, did we need anything, were we going to be okay? She knew we had lost our paycheck, and were between jobs. Being a bit proud, we said, “we’re fine.”

Between the, “I’m sorry that you lost your job!” and the “Now get out there and get another one” we told her about the plans for Vinton Today. The idea of an online newspaper was a bit foreign to her, but living in the big city, she could relate to getting her news online.

She quickly changed gears to, “Okay you are starting a business…how can I help?”

Now this gal is known in our family for doing what she can to help her family, and let me tell you, she’s been the fairy godmother to her niece and nephews.

At that point, we hadn’t been online at home and the computers  had were pretty outdated.

“Yes” we admitted, “we do need a computer.”

The silly lady, was thrilled to find something we needed. She quickly dropped a check in the mail so that she could get her nephew online.

She grew up here and so this is still “home” to her.

She was thrilled at the possibility of hearing from home via her computer.

As soon as we were online, we had numerous phone calls about stories that she read, or an email about articles that she had read.

Every year she’s been quick to drop a check in the mail for the fundraiser. “What do these people think, that being online is free? Nothing is free!” she’d say, and we’d assure her that we know that and according to our fundraisers, we’d assure her, so do you.

Our support from you wonderful readers has always been steady and something we could depend on to get us though another year.

We are a bit below our goal for this year, so if you haven’t yet contributed, please don’t forget to do so!

Vinton Today has become the go to place where people find Vinton, find out about Vinton, and where they get to know Vinton.

We thought we were just starting this adventure to give you more timely news coverage, but we didn’t realize it would also do all the things it is doing for the community.

We’re proud of that.

But again, we need all of you to step up and do what you can to keep Vinton Today online another year.

Here’s the link with all of the information!