Bud Maynard with daughter Alex, who appointed herself campaign manager and recruited several friends to help her father get elected Mayor of Vinton.

The new mayor of Vinton will be Bud Maynard, who won by a margin of 463-382 (approximately 53-43 percent) over Rich Hainstock. Maynard will be sworn in after the first of the year. Dean Haack received 29 votes.

Incumbents Brian Parr (at large) and Ron Hessenius (First Ward) were city council election winners and the Third Ward write-in vote counting process starts tomorrow. A total of 176 write-in votes were tallied in the 3rd Ward, where Dakota Rundlett and Nate Edwards had announced write-in campaigns. Parr defeated challenger Gary Garwood; Hessenius won against Dixie Meyer.

Vinton voters also approved the hotel tax measure by a 625-222 margin.

All vote totals are unofficial until canvassing by the Benton County Board of Supervisors next Tuesday during their regular meeting.

The Benton County Auditor’s Office posted results on-line for the first time as they came in on Tuesday evening.

See unofficial results HERE.