Maybe you go to church on Sunday and the gym on Wednesday. Maybe you walk your fancy, small breed dog or knit orange scarves or paint canvases. Maybe you put on mismatched socks or floral sundresses for work. Maybe you tie your tie with steady hands and walk out the door with cowboy boots and tall socks. But maybe on your way to school—even though you didn’t mean to—you slip and make eye contact with the guy standing on the side of the road. Maybe you feel so bad that you call your grandma, you buy toys for your grand kids, you help a guy with a flat tire on highway 218. Maybe, for two seconds, you feel like you changed the world.

Your small want to serve others might fuel the only hands that will justify the fact that children should not die from a lack of food. The world needs you.

People on every continent starve to death knowing that our country alone can provide food for every person on this planet, yet 15% of our own county doesn’t know what it’s like to not be hungry every second. And, don’t get me wrong, all children go to bed hungry—I have yet to meet a child that wasn’t a bottomless pit—but most kids will wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon. Or, if you had a mom like mine, cereal. But some kids will wake up hungry and pray that time passes quickly until their next lunch. Then, they’ll go home and wait for the next day to arrive where, for a few hours, they won’t be starved again. When your family looked at you and said, “Eat all your green beans. There are children starving that would give anything to have your food,” I know you know that wasn’t a lie. But I’m here to remind you that people are suffering.

The next time you eat, you hold in your hand the one thing that could save someone else from starving. You, with the gray hairs and the curved mustache.

You with the hat collection and the local store. You with the reptilian pets and the marble statue. You with the mansion. You with the garden. You with the shack. We need you.

Donate. Call us and let us know about food that is marked at lower prices. Give us your garden produce. Spread the word about our service. Come and pass out food with us.

We need you to be the solution because hunger has had every chance to be solved, but hasn’t.