By Tami Stark

On Saturday, August 5th, the Cedar River RATS will be holding their “almost annual” river clean up! This event is more fun than it is work, and good time is always had when performing this good deed!

Mark your calendars and please plan to join us at the Mt. Auburn boat ramp for a brief sign in at 8:45 and then hitting the water at 9:00. We will be cleaning the banks and sandbars between the Mt. Auburn Bridge and the Vinton bridge, with lunch in between at Patten’s campgrounds.

Our ‘runners’ will be traveling from boats to kayaks to offload the treasures and the trash that has been collected, keeping everyone from becoming too full prior to our stopping points. Our ‘Landsharks’ will meet us at our stopping points and sort the trash/treasures into what can be scrapped and recycled, and what can go to the landfill. At the ½ way point, we’ll offload what we have collected and reload on supplies. The ‘Landsharks’ will also provide everyone with a lunch of grilled hot dogs and treats of all kinds.

The Cedar River R.A.T.S. are made up 100% of volunteers and we would love to count you as one of us. We make every effort to recycle everything we can and salvage what we can from what we find….and we find a LOT. Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated. If you aren’t comfortable on the water, that’s ok, we need Landsharks too… If you would like to help, but will be gone or busy, that’s ok, we need donations of chips and baked goods…If you would like to help but can only spare an hour or 2, that’s ok, we need help moving vehicles from Mt. Auburn to Vinton. If you would like to help in any fashion, we need you.

To let us know you can help, and to reserve your 2017 R.A.T.S. tee, please call Tami at 319-558-7476.