Crystal Major: Family says items reminding them of their late daughter have been stolen from Vinton.

In a recent burglary of a storage area in Vinton, someone took a few items of modest financial value, but also some things with priceless sentimental value.

Instead of going to law enforcement, the family of the late Crystal Major hopes that whoever took the items that remind them of Crystal will simply return them.
“Someone took a suitcase full of clothes, some plastic tubs (gray and blue) and a yellow tool bag with my name (Paule) and a dehumidifier, along with a and a small Christmas tree. There was also a cardboard box,” says Paul Langley, the boyfriend of Crystal’s mom, Sharon. A model train set was also taken, along with some items possibly marked with the name Ron Grubbe on the boxes. 
“Some of these items were my girlfriends daughter’s and she passed last year and my girlfriend is heartbroken,” says Langley. “We do not want to involve the police and no questions will be asked if the items are returned.”
Anyone with information about these important family memories is asked to call Langley at 319-477-3131.
Langley offers an appeal, and a promise to whoever stole the things that remind his family of Crystal, who died in 2016.
“Please return Crystal’s things. You have my word that we will not involve the police,” he says.