Instruments for the Tilford 2nd grade concert included a horn from an antique car which Mr. Ziemer received from an uncle.

“Music is a tool,” says Vinton-Shellsburg elementary music teacher Gib Ziemer. “It teaches us to listen to what’s happening around us. It teaches us to think about what we hear and describe it in words. It teaches us to hear patterns and feel those patterns in our movement, so we can play or sing by ourselves or together with others.”


Those basic, first lessons about music, and how the youngest among us, listen, hear and feel, are on display each year as the elementary students sing together during the Tilford spring concerts. Students from each grade level sing together, sharing with parents, grandparents and neighbors the lessons they have been learning with Mr. Ziemer throughout the year.

“Music helps us read better — to  follow FOLLOW the kinds of notes on a page and play organized sound,” says the teacher. “It teaches us to work with others to create something beautiful togehter To sing in a concert or play in a band is to give a present/gift to other people. Music can bring great joy, peace and satisfaction when shared with others. It creates community. And

“It’s a TURTLE, Grandma!” Kaydyn Hendryx shows her art to mom Rachelle Rammelsberg and grandma Leona Dulin after the Tilford 1st grade concert.

that is what life is all about— relationships with people.”


Along with the concert, each grade’s event also includes an ice cream social sponsored by the VS PTO. Also, art teacher Lindsey Otto sets up a display that includes each student’s are projects, so parents can see what their children are learning to create with their hands.

The Kindergarten and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade concerts have already taken place. The Tilford 4th grade concert takes place in May.

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