I suppose you get tired of hearing about “when we started Vinton Today…” but we can’t help it!

When we first started we were only concerned with Vinton news, and reaching everyone in Vinton.

Then we started to notice something that made us smile.

We started getting news releases about college kids from every town in our county.

At first we didn’t put two and two together, and then we realized that the reason that we were getting these news releases was because moms and dads in these towns were reading the website.

The kids grow up and go off to college and when the school asks, “Where would you like us to send news about your child?” they reply, “Vinton Today.”

One of our readers, wait let me clarify that, one of the many readers that sent in a donation, lives in Shellsburg, and sent us a note that said, “Vinton Today has become the source for county news”…not just Vinton news.

We knew that, but to hear someone else point it out, well, it made us feel good to hear it from a reader.

Sometimes it’s hard to judge how far our reach goes.

I guess we should look at the 5,393 readers on Facebook.

Or the 23,472,664 visits to our website.

Or we could just listen to the gal that works with one of our daughters that says, “Your dad is “Queen!'”

Ok, so we aren’t real sure what that means, but if we’re reaching the older readers and the kids, and our numbers are that high, well, I guess Dean must be, “Queen.” We didn’t start out shooting for royal titles, but we’ll take it.

We love helping to promote all of the towns in our small corner of the world, and we welcome hearing from you all.

We have realized that over the years, this little website has done more than we’d even hoped, but something wonderful.

It’s put us all on the same page, and we’re using that page to promote all of us in Benton County.

So everyone, feel free to send in your news, we’re thrilled to share it. You are all important to us.

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