After a successful college acting career in which she played roles from Mary Poppins to the radical woman who tried to kill President Ford, Erin Horst plans to make her home soon in New York City, where she hopes her talent, experience and connections will help carry her to Broadway.

But first, Horst and one of her best friends in theater are planning to share some of their story and songs in a special event in Vinton.

“Two Lost Souls,” featuring Horst and Adam Yankowy, will include a variety of their favorite songs, as well as some information about their lives and careers.

We love singing together and we were asked to sing at a piano bar in Des Moines called Noce.” says Horst. “We’re doing that Cabaret on Jan.14, so Mom asked us to do one at the Palace on the 15th. We named it ‘Two Lost Souls’ because there’s an interesting story about how we met. We’ll talk about that at the show.”

The show takes place at the Palace at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 15.

Yankowy, says Horst, is a friend from grad school who also got his MFA in Musical Theatre and now teaches theatre at Iowa State and Drake.

He was also my partner at KCACTF, two years ago when we sang at the Kennedy Center,” says Horst, referring to a special honor they earned as part of the cast of “Assassins.”

After performing in several plays, musicals and speech events at VS High School, Horst went to Minnesota State University-Mankato to study theatre, where she has enjoyed many acting and directing opportunities.

I have performed in ‘Titanic,’ ‘A Christmas Story,’ ‘Mary Poppins,’ ‘The Full Monty’ and I directed and choreographed ‘Carrie,’” she says.

So far, her favorite role has been that of Mary Poppins, the magic-umbrella holding, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – singing nanny.

I loved the dancing and the songs – and you can’t beat flying,” she says.

Horst said her goals for 2017 include finishing college and ending the year in the Big Apple.

I have one more semester left at MSU and then I’ll be auditioning for professional theatre. I also teach undergraduate acting and dance courses at MSU and eventually want to teach at the college level. I’m sending applications out for professorships all over the country and will do mass auditions and see what happens. I’ve been thinking pretty strongly that I’ll move out to NYC in the fall. I have good friends there and I love the city.

Like many in theater, Horst has her eye on the biggest, most well-known stages in NYC.

The dream is always Broadway,” she says. “During ‘The Full Monty’ we worked with David Yazbek (he composed the show). We did master classes with him and I interviewed him (because I also wrote my thesis on the show). He gave me his information and told me that when I come out to NY I should give him a call and he’d make sure I get an audition to his next show. He’s always working on things. His new show ‘The Bands Visit’ is currently in previews. So that was a pretty big connection for me.”

See a promo Horst helped produce for the MSU-Mankato production of “Assassins,” in which she appears, below: