Union Lego League teams have competed in regional events, and one team, the Pipe Cleaners, did well enough to advance to the State event next month.

Advisor Wendy Scheel offered the following review of what some of the teams have done.

Team: HydroBoosters 

The Union HydroBoosters project is integrating systems in our community to manage pollution from storm surge.  We are encouraging the use of existing products and strategies to reduce the pollution from initial surge in a rainstorm.  We met with a water department official in Vinton, Iowa to learn more about all issues their town deals with in the water cycle.  From there we talked about how most storm water goes directly in to local water bodies and streams.  Our goal is to work with our communities of Dysart and La Porte City to inform them of simple options to mitigate this risk.  We have also talked to our school officials about things that can be done on campus during upgrades and remodeling.

Team: The Pipe Cleaners

The Union Pipe Cleaners based their project off of what happened in Flint, Michigan. After meeting with our city Utilities department and producing a survey in which they got 127 responses, the team realized that not many people are aware that lead pipes are typically on a homeowner’s property. Through continued research about filters and replacing pipes, the team realized that the problem of lead pipes has solid solutions, including cheap efficient filters, or expensive pipe replacement. However, people just aren’t aware of the lead piping issues. So, the team decided to make their innovative solution “Spreading the Word.” Through Survey Monkey, FaceBook and a Website (they are currently designing), they are teaching people how to easily test their homes for lead pipes and letting them know of of the solutions out there if they are to have them.

Team: Team Poseidon

The Union Team Poseidon decided that due to the mass amount of water wasted while showering, the team wanted to look into using a water shut off valve for the shower with a timer. The timer would be a preset time of somewhere between 5-8 minutes for a shower. The shut off valve would be used to halt the water during scrubbing/soaping up, times.

The Pipe Cleaners are advancing to state. Team Poseidon has received an honorary Core Value award. Four of five Union teams have competed. The fifth team will compete this Sunday Dec. 17, in Johnston.

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