By: Shelby McDonald, Co-Reporter

      The Vinton-Shellsburg FFA Chapter held their annual banquet on May 13, 2017. At 6:30 we started with dinner that was catered by the VSHS lunch staff as well as Merchants grilling. Many awards were given this year to very deserving members of the chapter, community members, and many more.


Here is a list of our award winners.


The top corn yields:

  1. Charles Yedlik                              Dekalb 6179                     246.51 Bushels/Acre
  2. Kyle Henkle                                  Pioneer 1197                    246.65 Bushels/Acre
  3. Mike Kaufman                               Pioneer 1197                        261.31 Bushels/Acre

Sub-District Awards

2/22/17 Hawkeye Community College

  •    Chapter Program: Kenyatta Yarbrough, Grant Ries, Madison Novotny — Gold, Advance to Districts
  •  Conduct of Meetings: Isaac Wiley, Riley Schneider, Franki Evans, Amy Thomas, Eric Henkle, Miranda Walker, Shelby McDonald –Silver
  •      Creed Speaking: Kaylee Sorum — Silver
  •      Ag Sales: Jordan Pattee — Bronze
  •      Job Interview: Ben Eden– Gold, Alternate to Districts
  •      Public Speaking: Bree Tharp — Bronze
  •      Greenhand Quiz: Franki Evans — Gold, Amy Thomas — Gold, Miranda Walker — Gold
  •     Chapter Farmer Quiz: Isaac Wiley — Gold, Shelby McDonald — Gold, Tailynn Tharp — Silver

District Awards

March 11th, Monticello

Chapter Program: Kenyatta Yarbrough, Grant Ries, Madison Novotny — Silver

  • Experience the Action: Brianna Lundvall, Riley Bateman — Bronze
  • Chapter Quiz Individual: Eric Henkle, Shelby McDonald — Silver
  • Ag Issues: George Haefner, Ethan Horak, Morgan White, Brock Ortner– Bronze
  • Secretary’s Book: Colton Evans — Gold
  • Treasurer’s Record book: Erin Cantrell — Gold, Advance to State
  • Farm Business Management: Drew Wiley, 6th individually, Kaylee Sorum, Bree Tharp — Silver
  • District Officer Elections: Isaac Wiley — Southwest Sub-District Vice-President
    • Shelby McDonald and George Haefner also interviewed for district officer.

State Awards:

April 9th-11th in Ames.

  •      Biotechnology: Erin Cantrell, Ethan Horak, Logan Holst, Madeline Moen–Silver
  •  Chapter Exhibit: Erin Cantrell, Isaac Wiley, Blake Witzel, Cassie Kenny, Faith Pladsen, Tailynn Tharp — Gold 2nd Place
  •   Farm Business Management:  Drew Wiley, Bree Tharp, Ben Eden, Nicole Venneman — Gold
  •      Greenhand Quiz: Amanda Cardenas — Silver, Kaylee Sorum — Bronze
  •      Poultry: George Haefner, Eric Henkle, Shelby McDonald, Grant Ries — Bronze
  •   Team Ag Sales: Amy Thomas, Weston Bierschenk, Morgan White, Kenyatta Yarbrough — Bronze
  • Treasurers Book: Erin Cantrell — Silver
  • State Officer Candidate: This year Erin Cantrell was our state officer candidate and went through 7 rounds of intense interviews and tests.
  • State Degrees: Colton Evans, Ethan Horak, George Haefner, Logan Grabin, Brittany Hansen, Madeline Moen, and Erin Cantrell.
  • Academic Achievement Award: Erin Cantrell, Cassie Kenney, Faith Pladsen, Kayla Schneider, and Drew Wiley.      

State Chapter Awards:

○   Ambassador Award

○   WHO Public Relations Award

○   Supreme National Chapter Award: Gold Award: 11th place chapter in state – advancing to the National level.

District Ag Mechanics placed 12th as a team in the District and one member was 24th individually.

  • Eric Henkle
  • Jakob Long
  • Grant Ries
  • Trent McFatridge
  • Amy Thomas – Individual placing 24th

On May 9th, 7 members participated in District Floriculture.

  • Team 1 – Placing 1st in the district
    • Erin Cantrell – 1st Individually
    • Brianna Lundvall – 4th Individually
    • Madison Novotny – 7th Individually
    • Kailey Lazenby – 10th Individually
  • Team 2 – Placing 4th in the district
    • Jordan Pattee
    • Riley Bateman
    • Tailynn Tharp

Star Greenhand: Amy Thomas

Star Chapter Farmer: Cassie Kenney

Star Placement: Brittany Hansen

Star Agribusiness: Drew Wiley

Leadership/Merit Points


  • Weston Bierschenk
  • Coralee Bodeker
  • Tia Burke
  • Jordan Cantrell
  • Amanda Cardenas
  • Franki Evans
  • Payton Haefner
  • Caroline Lang
  • Madison Novotny
  • Jordan Pattee
  • Kaylee Sorum
  • Ariana Svoboda
  • Amy Thomas
  • Miranda Walker
  • Blake Witzel

Chapter Farmers

  • Ben Eden
  • Logan Grabin
  • Eric Henkle
  • Ethan Horak
  • Cassie Kenney
  • Brianna Lundvall
  • Madeline Moen
  • Brock Ortner
  • Grant Ries
  • Riley Schneider
  • Bree Tharp
  • Tailynn Tharp
  • Nicole Venneman
  • Kenyatta Yarbrough


  • Drew Wiley
  • George Haefner
  • Colton Evans
  • Erin Cantrell
  • Jakob Long
  • Kayla Schneider
  • Brittany Hansen
  • Isaac Wiley
  • Shelby McDonald

The top fruit selling members were:

  • Eric Henkle $3,000+
  • Brock Ortner $3,000+
  • Jakob Long $2,202
  • Shelby McDonald $1,886.50
  • Riley Schneider $1,389
  • Cassie Kenney $1,147.50
  • Amy Thomas $1,136
  • Brittany Hansen $1,069.50

11 members this year received a Proficiency Award in their SAE project. Isaac Wiley received this year’s Swine Production, Grant Ries received this year’s Ag Mechanics, Madeline Moen received this year’s Goat Production, Jakob Long received this year’s Beef Production, George Haefner received this Dairy Production, Riley Schneider received this year’s Diversified Livestock, Cassie Kenney received this year’s Equine Science, Kenyatta Yarbrough received this year’s AG sales, Brianna Lundvall received this year’s Small Animal Care, Colton Evans received this year’s Feed Grain Production, and Eric Henkle received this year’s Diversified Crop Production.


SAE Award: Colton Evans


Chapter Scholars

  •      Freshman: Coralee Bodeker & Caroline Lang
  •      Sophomore: Morgan White
  •      Junior: Madeline Moen
  •      Senior: Kayla Schneider and Erin Cantrell


Outstanding Classmen Award

  • Freshman: Amy Thomas & Kaylee Sorum
  • Sophomore: Eric Henkle
  • Junior: Madeline Moen
  • Senior: Kayla Schneider

Dekalb – Erin Cantrell

Senior Service Award – Ben Eden



Farmer’s Savings Bank and Trust: Erin Cantrell.

The Ross and Shirley Wiley Scholarship: Brittany Hansen.

Advisor’s Scholarship-Sponsored by Chuck and Marilyn Yedlik: Cassie Kenney.

Bronson Paul Werning Scholarship: Erin Cantrell.

Crop Plot Scholarships:

  • Ben Eden
  • Logan Holst
  • Drew Wiley

There were 5 Honorary Degree winners, this is the highest honor anyone can receive. Our winners this year were Diane Kenney, Diane Lindsey, Andrew Noe, Alan Merchant, and Scott Garwood. We can not thank them for all there help throw out the years. As well as all our Appreciation Awards winners, all you guys have done so much for us.   

Banquet always means saying goodbye to the seniors, and this year we had 12 seniors. We know they will all do great things in the later years! Banquet also means new officers, this year’s officers are:

  • Officer At Large – Kaylee Sorum                          
  • Sentinel – Amy Thomas                                          
  • Co-Reporters – Shelby McDonald & Franki Evans    
  • Treasurer – Madeline Moen                             
  • Secretary – Isaac Wiley                              
  • Vice President – Colton Evans                            
  • President – George Haefner

We would like extend a big thank you to everyone who has continued to support us over the years and we look forward to many the new year. Thanks to everyone who attended and to all the members for another great year.