On March 11th, 2017, 15 Vinton-Shellsburg FFA members went to Monticello high school in Monticello, Iowa to compete at our Northeast District Convention. The day is filled with many different events and competitions and finished with the announcement of the newly elected 2017-2018 Northeast District Officer team.

Left to Right Back Row: Riley Bateman, State President Elisa Russ, Morgan White, Kaylee Sorum, State ​North Central Vice-President Cully Forsyth, Madison Novotny, Brianna Lundvall. Front L to R: Brock Ortner, Grant Ries, George Haefner, Ethan Horak, Bree Tharp, Kenyatta Yarbrough, Eric Henkle, Shelby McDonald, Erin Cantrell, Isaac Wiley, Drew Wiley, State South East Vice-President Savannah Keitzer, and State Secretary Chase Kusel.

A few of the leadership events that our chapter members participated in were experience the action, agriculture issues and perceptions, program of activities, treasurer book, secretary book, farm business management, and chapter quiz.

Isaac Wiley with the 2016-2017 and the newly elected 2017-2018 Northeast District officer team.

Experience The Action is an event emphasize the major exciting aspects of Agriculture Education and FFA and is designed to educate the public regarding the benefits and activities of Ag Ed/FFA programs. Riley Bateman and Brianna Lundvall represented our chapter, and received a bronze.

Agriculture Issues and Perceptions is an event gives students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned during the past year while studying agriculture issues as part of their agriculture education program. Brock Ortner, Ethan Horak, Morgan White, and George “Wesley” Hafner competed in this event and received a bronze.

Program of activities event is designed to emphasize group activities and accomplishments and recognize teamwork opportunities and leadership, branching from organized school program and it is based on upon the chapter program and achievements of the previous year. Teams must advance from the sub-district level to compete at the district level, and Madison Novotny, Grant Ries, and Kenyatta Yarbrough did just that. (Silver) Madison Novotny, Grant Ries and Kenyatta Yarbrough.

Erin Cantrell, chapter treasurer, participated in the Treasurer’s Book event. This event was created to simulate the keeping of complete and accurate records of the chapter’s expenses and income and takes quite a bit of time to put together. Erin received a 2nd place gold advancing to state.

Colton Evan’s, chapter secretary, participated in the Secretary Book event. This event was designed to stimulate the keeping of complete and accurate records of the chapter’s activities and takes a lot of time to compile records and organize it all. Colton received 4th place gold.

Chapter Quiz is over history of FFA and current officers, etc. The Chapter Quiz Team consisted of Eric Henkle and Shelby McDonald and they received a silver.

Farm Business Management event helps students analyze agriculture, farm, and ranch management decisions, evaluate management decisions, and to work together as a team. The VS FFA team was composed of Drew Wiley, Kaylee Sorum, and Bree Tharp. Drew received 6th individually and the team as a whole received a silver.

District officer elections wrapped up the day of convention at Monticello and this year one of our very own members was elected as the 2017-2018 South West Sub-District Vice President, Isaac Wiley. Isaac currently serves on the chapter officer team as Sentinel.

These members did an awesome job representing the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA Chapter, and we want to congratulate them for their hardwork and efforts in competing!