Makayla Gardemann won 1st at local and District levels with her essay and was 5th in all of Iowa among 3rd graders.

VFW member Dale Henry congrats 4th grade VS winner Addy Chvala, who also was 2nd at District.

The VFW Auxiliary 8884 of Vinton honored Tilford and Shellsburg Elementary 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for their work in the annual essay contest.

The top winner among VS students was Makaya Gardemann, who won 1st Place in both the local and District competition, and finished 5th among all of the entries that advanced to the VFW State contest.

Fourth-grader Addy Chvala and 5th grader Brittany Steinberg each finished first locally and 2nd in the District judging.

Third graders wrote on the topic: “I love America Because…” Fourth graders ¬†wrote on the theme: What the U.S. Flag means to me.” Fifth grade essays covered the topic: “What a veteran means to me.”

A total of 99 third grade students, 93 fourth graders and 57 fifth grade students wrote essays for the VS contest. Local individuals and businesses made donations to cover the cost of the medals and awards.

Top 9 place winners in each grade:

Third grade:

  1. Makaya Gardemann
  2. Trey Dooley
  3. Zach Dickinson
  4. Addy Ingham
  5. Cole Rilling
  6. Kylee Higdon
  7. Haley Crane
  8. Zoey Bresson
  9. Melinda Williams

Fourth Grade:

  1. Addy Chvala
  2. Daijah Hughes
  3. Malia Stout
  4. Joliemae Watson
  5. Aaron Stadelmann
  6. Jordis Lowe
  7. Ryan Shipley
  8. Spencer Williams
  9. Austin Noe

Fifth Grade:

  1. Brittany Steinberg
  2. Wyatt Janssen
  3. Julia Johnson
  4. Jesse Ahrenstein
  5. Grayce McClintock
  6. Athena McCauslin
  7. Tiasia Moore
  8. Brant Dickinson
  9. Carmen Henkle

The VFW Auxiliary thanked the VS schools, all the teachers and students who participated, as well as the donors who covered the cost of the awards.

See more photos of the winners HERE.