With the city elections in Vinton and all other towns in Iowa set for tomorrow, the Benton County Auditor’s Office has made a couple of public announcements for voters to keep in mind, particularly concerning the write-in campaign under way in the city’s 3rd Ward.

After the deadline expired and media reported that no candidates had signed up for the 3rd Ward race, two residents of the ward, Nate Edwards and Dakota Rundlett, announced write-in campaigns.

Election Clerk Gina Edler of the Auditor’s Office reminds city voters that in City Council elections for specific wards, only the voters in that ward have a say. So, the only write-in votes that will matter on Tuesday are the ones cast by 3rd Ward voters. Write-ins for Mayor or the At-Large council election can come from any ward. Each Vinton ward will have a separate ballot, including the at-large candidates, the mayoral candidates and the candidates for that specific ward. There are no names in the Third Ward candidate box. To write-in a name, a voter must fill in the oval beside the blank line, and then write the candidate’s name on that line.

Write-in results not expected to be tallied until Wednesday

Also, Edler says that because the electronic ballot-reading machines only record the ovals, and not the names of write-in candidates, the large number of write-in votes anticipated on Tuesday means that counting of those votes will likely not take place until Wednesday. Results of most elections will be available Tuesday night, but Edler advises candidates and voters not to expect the results of the 3rd Ward write-in campaign until Wednesday.

See a sample 3rd Ward ballot here: Vinton 3

See more information and links to sample ballots for all city races in Benton County on the Benton County Auditor’s Office page HERE.