Pictured in the photo are a few VORC members: Josh Erickson, Jim Mayhew, Dave Staab, Beth Mayhew, Melissa Schwan, Ashley Hesson, Therese Foth and Nathan Hesson representing the Vinton Community Foundation, Matt Phippen and Dusty Druschel.

The Vinton Off Road Cyclists recently finished up a significant project, thanks to a grant from the Vinton Community Foundation. A trailhead kiosk was installed at the Riverside Trail Complex (north of Lions Field). Ground was cleared to pour a concrete pad and erect a structure complete with benches and a small roof overhang. The kiosk is doubled sided to provide the maximum amount of information. Information printed on the panels includes a detailed map of the Upper and Lower trail, rules to ride, an explanation of the emergency location system and an overview of the VORC group. “The kiosk is just one more step to having our trail system be a destination for not only local residents but also visitors from other towns” President, Matt Phippen, commented. Some landscaping around the kiosk is in the plans for Spring 2018.

Building materials were purchased at McDowell’s with Tharp Design doing the panel printing. Jim Mayhew did panel photographs and design. Kiosk was constructed by VORC members.

What is VORC?

Vinton Off-Road Cyclists is a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the active outdoor lifestyle. VORC was formed in the Summer of 2016 by several Vinton-area individuals who enjoy bicycling, whether it’s road, trail or singletrack. As they shared their interests with their friends, more people became involved and soon the idea of a trail system in our back yard was born.

VORC members vary in age, interests and abilities which has taken the vision for the trail system beyond niche groups and opened it up to all ages and interest levels from walking, hiking, running, leisure trail cycling and even advanced mountain biking. It also appeals to the year ’round crowd who loves to stay active outdoors when the temperature plummets, providing a perfect opportunity for snowshoeing, cross country skiing and even fat tire snow biking.

This vision led the group to come up with the slogan, “How will YOU #ridevinton?”

The Lower Trail system consists of over 2 miles of 2-way trail along the beautiful Cedar River greenbelt on the north side of town. It’s ideal for all trail activities (except horse and motorized vehicles) and offers fun, exploration and a quick “get away” for the whole family.

The Upper Trail system is designed for mountain biking. The one-way singletrack provides a host of options over the ¾ mile loop for riders of all skill levels with features that will challenge your abilities. Ride the loop over and over and try something different each time!

For more information or photos, visit https://www.facebook.com/VintonORC/ or ridevinton.com