April Hummel sorts through prayer cards as she sets up the first of several Vinton Prays boxes outside her in-law’s house on 2nd Avenue Saturday morning.

Even if only one person benefits from this box, that is enough to make it worth it,” says April Hummel.

The box she refers to is a prayer box/lending library that contains Bibles and other religious books and cards with inspirational quotes and Bible verses.

The project includes several boxes, actually. Two boxes are going up this weekend, and April believes five will soon be scattered around Vinton, filled with items designed to inspire and allow area residents to connect and share prayer requests.

April saw the idea on a social media page and took it to a small group meeting. Soon, she and others, including Mindy Van Ree, were putting the plan in action.

Mindy Van Ree inspects the prayer box; she was among the volunteers who helped organize the project and the Vinton Prays Facebook group.

Long story short, it started from a simple picture on Pinterest,” says April, describing a red prayer box that looked like a large bird house that she had seen on that site.

I thought it was a great idea and sent it to all my Restless small group from this past fall and we took the idea and decided we needed to make this for our community, and also have a Facebook page and hashtag to draw attention to it,” April says.

There are several reasons April and her friends thought the box could help others in the area.

We still have many in our community who are not connected to a church. We thought with a prayer box and added essentials like Bibles, Christian books even snacks, we could hopefully reach more in people in our community without them being pressured by the word ‘church.’ We have been praying over our town and that God takes over, and in light of that, this box was made.”

The project is not tied to any church, although April and her friends attend Blessed Hope.

The prayer requests that may be submitted are all in private,” April says. “People do not even have to add their name on the prayer card.”

If people do list their names and contact information, April will ask them if organizers can submit that prayer request on the Facebook page, for a large number of people to pray over. If the participant says no, the request will be kept in the prayer circle only. Each box has a slot for submitting written requests; April plans to check for requests every couple of days.

As the boxes go up, the organizers will begin accepting donations of Bibles, books and other items to share.

I am really hoping the community will donate used and/or new Bibles or books they may not be in need of,” says April. “A lot like the traveling library, we wanted to have an ability to share books or even keep them. We are hoping to get Bibles into the hands of many. Overall, we wanted to create an outlet that allows people to reach out without feeling overwhelmed by church.

Prayer cards are available at inside the Vinton Prays boxes.

We want to spark their interest and help guide them.”

April’s father-in-law, Denny Hummel, is making the boxes. The first two will be set up outside the home of Denny and Cathy Hummel at 805 2nd Ave and the home of April and Eric Hummel at 613 B Ave.

“Please continue to check out our Facebook page, as more boxes are scheduled to be made and their locations will be announced. We cannot wait to see how these boxes will be utilized and how God decides to work through our community. Thank you for all your support,” says April.

See the Facebook page HERE.