As we kick off our Annual Spring Fundraiser for Vinton Today, we want to take a minute to thank all of our advertisers.

The fundraising part is necessary for our annual expenses, but the advertisers, are also an important cog in the wheel of Vinton Today.

They are consistently there to help us each month with our expenses so that we can put gas in the car, and tires on the car when we wear them out and pay for the plates and insurance and all those things that help us collect the area news.

Without our dear advertisers, you’d have a website without news.

That’s alright for some publications, but we think you’d enjoy the website more with stories on it.

Each of our advertisers, whether they run a large ad or a simple business card ad they are each doing their part to get the news to you as well, support them for any services and supplies that you need!

This community has been the dream area to try something as daring as a news website from scratch!! I don’t think anyone even batted an eye at the idea. But that’s Vinton and the surrounding communities. We seem to understand the importance of backing the little guys and gals as they get started.

To everyone who has EVER advertised with us in the last 7 years, please know that we really, REALLY appreciate your support, you are the ones that keep me (Valerie) from panicking each month as the bills roll in. You are the ones that keep the lights on for us, thank you!

Advertising is just one area you can support Vinton Today.

Our Annual Fundraiser, is one of those ways that you can support us whether you advertise with us or not.

With our new site, the maintenance, the hosting fees, and all of the extras have been running much more than the old website did. We are asking everyone who possibly can, to send in a donation to help defray these costs.

You don’t need to break the bank or take out a loan, but if you can send in a gift of any size, all of these gifts will add up and cover the costs we incur over the cost of the year.

Please take a minute, and do what you can. To make it easier you can simply click here and donate online  if you prefer the address is there to mail in a donation.

We appreciate any gift that you send in, the big ones and the small ones, they are all important and appreciated so much!

Don’t forget…click HERE and make your annual donation!