Virginia Gay Hospital’s Atkins Family Medical Clinic is now scheduling appointments as early as 7:00 AM Monday through Friday and will remain open until 8:00 PM, Monday through Thursday, beginning Monday, April 30th. The clinic will close at 4 pm on Fridays. The added hours are possible as new provider Samantha Isaac, PA-C, joins the Atkins clinic with longtime Atkins provider Stephanie Vogeler, PA-C.

Samantha graduated last year from the Physician Assistant program at Des Moines University. She began seeing patients at the Virginia Gay Family Medical Clinic in Vinton soon after graduating but is now accepting new patients, as well as helping make the clinic in Atkins a more convenient primary care home for Stephanie’s patients.

“It’s pretty hard for people to take time off work, maybe run to the babysitter for the kids, be here for an appointment, and then try to scramble back to work,” Stephanie says. “That’s why I’m pleased that we are giving patients the chance to have an appointment at a more convenient time and still be able to maintain their relationship with one provider.”

“An advantage for the patient,” explains Samantha, “is our ability to work as a team. A patient may regularly see Stephanie but have a schedule that doesn’t always allow an appointment with her. Because we share the same computerized patient record, I can see what Stephanie and the patient have been doing and continue or alter treatment based on the patient’s circumstance at that time of the visit. The next day when Stephanie and I are working together, we can discuss the plan of treatment. Together we can provide more convenient access while maintaining consistency and continuity in the patient’s care.”

Stephanie will start the day at 7:00 AM, and finish earlier in the day, while Samantha is starting at 10:30 AM and will be available until the clinic closes each weekday.  Therapy services in Atkins will continue to be scheduled flexibly around the needs of patients.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact Virginia Gay Hospital’s Atkins Family Medical Clinic at 319-446-7800. To learn more about Virginia Gay Hospital and all four of their Family Medical Clinics in Benton County, visit

Stephanie Vogeler, PA-C

Samantha Isaac, PA-C