Virginia Gay Hospitals and Clinics is asking everyone, both those who have and those who have not been patients of the hospital or its affiliated family medical clinics, to take a survey regarding area access to primary care. Answers are completely anonymous and the purpose is to understand how to better assure access to primary care.

Virginia Gay has made investments establishing the new clinic in Atkins, an expansion to the clinic in Van Horne, and the hospital continues to study additional services that may be needed in Urbana. All those investments are in addition to the new clinic being constructed in Vinton that will be suitable for as many as nine health care providers.

In the past two months three additional PA’s have been added to the Virginia Gay staff. Julie Samora, PA-C, will be assisting in the hospital and the emergency department. Ben Nigg, PA-C, and Abby Stermer, PA-C, will be seeing patients in several clinic locations.

“Our mission is providing primary care,” explains Mike Riege, Virginia Gay Hospital Administrator, “but we need everyone’s help to make certain we’re doing all we can to make access possible for everyone. This survey isn’t limited to patients of Virginia Gay. We want to understand more clearly the choices people make to receive health care and how we might improve our ability to serve everyone in the Virginia Gay primary care service area.”

To take the survey click here.