The Vikette volleyball camp scavenger hunt required the finding of plastic tableware, which this team obtained at the Ron-Da-Voo.

Toes in the water: Vikette volleyball players pose for a uniquely casual team photo.

First they spent some mornings reviewing the basics of serving, passing and spiking.

Then they spent an afternoon looking for roadkill and other unique items.

The Vinton-Shellsburg middle school and high school volleyball players have been participating in camp this week. The camp ended on Wednesday as the high school players met at Celebration Park for a surprise scavenger hunt. Dividing into teams, they walked through Vinton looking for a variety of items, including the aforementioned road kill. (They found one dead bird, says coach Michelle Ruess.)

Ruess says the varsity players plan to participate in a weekend tournament event that will also include more team-building activities this weekend.

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