The Vinton Shellsburg Class of 2025 heard about being “awesome” from one the fathers of its members Thursday in Shellsburg.

Matt Phippen told the 5th graders who were attending the Presidential Award Ceremony to be awesome, kind, passionate, and true to themselves during his speech.

Phippen told the students about a fifth grade teacher he had who he thought was mean, at that time. Now, however, he said, he knows the teacher was looking out for what is best for him.

Many of the 5th graders received either the President’s Award for Educational Achievement, or the Award for Educational Excellence. Superintendent Mary Jo Hainstock joined School Board members Rob Levis and Sue Gates, along with Shellsburg Principal Ryan Davis, in presenting the awards.

Davis told his students that they are among the best in the state, and the world. Hainstock encouraged the students to make the right choices as they go to middle school, and urged the parents to remember they have more influence on their children than anyone else.

See the names of the award recipients on the accompanying images; see more photos HERE.