By Kayla Schneider, C0-Reporter, VS FFA

Iowa Corn Growers Meeting

The Iowa Corn Growers Meeting took place August 27th, 2016 in Cedar Rapids at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel. It is an annual meeting that allows farmers the chance to talk about what laws, rules, or regulations they want their representatives to lobby for to Congress. This year Louise Fleming took two members to the meeting to help make sure the farmers were following Robert’s Rules of Order a parliamentary procedure. Parliamentary procedure is a technique to conduct a meeting following a strict set of rules to keep order and ensure business is conducted in a timely and orderly manner. The two members that went were Erin Cantrell and Ben Eden. Erin helped the Vice-President of the corn growers association, Mark Recker make sure that the farmers didn’t break any rules throughout the meeting and Ben was in charge of keeping time for their discussion.

State Dairy Quality

State Dairy Quality took place on August 27th at Iowa State University. Advisor Melissa Heeren took two members, Morgan Schaapveld and Brianna Lundvall down to participate. As a pair they placed 11th overall. The activities that they participated in included identifying 10 cheeses, milk defects in 10 different samples, finding defects in milking machinery, performed a mastitis test, individual general knowledge test and a group activity.