By: Shelby McDonald, Co-Reporter

On June 7th, 2017, the Vinton-Shellsburg FFA Officer Team went to Hawkeye Community College in Cedar Falls to attend COLT, Chapter Officer Leadership Training.

They were split up by their office to learn a little more about what their office is all about from some of our state officers and district officers.

After they learned about their office, they were split up again depending on what number was on their number tag.

At the end of the day they had been to 4 different stations. One of the stations was called “sell it” where they learned how to tell people what FFA is really about. By selling it they inform potential members what they do in FFA and also what they do in their chapter that may be different than other chapters.

“Agvocate” was another station where they learned how to advocate for what they believe in but also learned that you have to listen to what others have to say whether they may or may not believe in it.  

Another station was called “connect”, and this is where the team learned what a stakeholder was: Someone with interest or concern in your chapter. They came up with a list of stakeholders in their community and shared them with the rest of the group, so others could get ideas on people they can connect with in their community. They also learned why it was important to have stakeholders and talk to them about what is going on in the chapter and in the classroom.

“Personality” was the last station and everyone took a personality test to see what “animal” they were. There were 4 different animals all meaning something different on what your personality is. Officers learned that you will have different personalities on each officer team and in the chapter, but the more you work together the more you will be able to work with each others personalities.

They learned all this so they could take it back to their chapter and become better leaders for their chapter and community.