By Brandon Farmer

Attention High School Families:

As a reminder roll out will be this Friday, August 10. Please watch the roll out video at


Returning Students Grades 10-12

Roll Out Date: August 10

Time: Anytime between 10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Location: HS Hub/ICN Rooms


  1. PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: An informational video will be sent out via email in early August. Parents & Students must watch the video prior to arrival on August 10.
  1. WAIVER: Parents & students will sign a waiver stating they watched & agree to the information in the video.
  1. FEES: 1:1 Computer Fees Must be paid or Community Service Hours turned in. (Fees can be paid online or at Registration prior to “Roll Out” Night.)
  1. CHECK OUT: Students will “Check Out” their computer
  1. SET UP: Staff will be on hand to help Students with the Initial Computer Set Up.


If you have questions or a student who is not able to attend on his/her assigned date, please email me at, or call my office, (319)436-5636.