Graduating seniors give Scott Tandy a standing ovation after his speech during Sunday’s commencement.

Although many of the graduating seniors wrote in their profiles that they hope in 10 years to be making a lot of money, there’s a more important goal, said Scott Tandy.
The VSHS guidance counselor, chosen by the seniors to be the faculty speaker, recalled the recent past when some of those graduates visited a very sick person in the hospital –him.

Success, Tandy, told the seniors, is not measured in money but in the family and friends who will be part of their journey through life.

“Nuture relationships,” he said. “Never take them for granted.”

The counselor urged the audience to ask themselves to questions each day: “Did I help someone?” and,  “Do I feel good about what I did today?”

“All we have at the end is our memories of the people who care about us,” he said.

As an educator and father of one of the graduates, Tandy told the seniors he would miss them, but knows they are more than ready to move on. He urged them to “cut your mom and dad some slack” as their parents face the final weeks before sending them off to college.

A total of 110 students received diplomas from VSHS this year. The senior speaker was Taylor Berry, who shared some memories from the earliest school years of the Class of 2018. Taylor also share some of her experiences with “L’s” — losses, especially when it came to public speaking. Redemption after failure, she said, is among the lessons she has learned at VSHS.

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