The Vinton-Shellsburg High School Public Speaking students and teacher Eric Upmeyer are again inviting area residents to hear the students’ presentations of persuasive speeches.

From Monday to Friday this week, students till take turns sharing their views on a variety of topics. It begins today at 10:15 a.m. at City Hall. The students will speak at 10:15 Tuesday at the Vinton library, and then again at the same time on Wednesday and Thursday. They will wrap up the week with a 10 a.m. Friday presentation at City Hall.

The entire sessions will last around 45 minutes.

Topics and speakers will include:


Blake – 2nd Ave. Brick Street

Tegan – Memorial for Emma

Blakely – Tort Reform

Mitch – Food Stamp Abuse


Korey – Sex Ed.

Brooklyn – Coffee space at HS

Tyler – School pool

Jenna – Gym credit for sports


Kamryn – Presidential Powers

Evan – Girls in Boy Scouts

Hailey – Pit Bulls too aggressive?

Dylan – Art in the halls


Taylor – Cheerleading – a sport?

Jace – Can/bottle redemption

Nikki – Drug testing in the school

Kenyatta – Benefits of immigrants

Friday (10-10:30)

Alyssa – Improve school lunch

Colton – Senior Release

Wes – Fish Learning Lab