Vinton-Shellsburg High School band member Alexzondria (Lexi) Diveley is planning on spending part of her summer touring Europe with her bassoon as part of this year’s contingent of Iowa Ambassadors of Music.

She and other high school musicians from around Iowa will begin in Grinnell, and then spend two weeks touring several countries. They will be in London on July 4, and at the Dachau Concentration Camp on July 16.  France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy are also on the itinerary. Lexi is the only VS band student involved in the trip this year.

Lexi’s band director, Nick Waymire, says the trip will be a great experience for her.
“Everyone who has gone on the trip, both students and faculty advisors, has found the trip to be extremely rewarding, so I’m happy that she is taking the opportunity to go,” says Waymire.
Lexi and her family have worked to save money and along with a few donations, she now has $4,000 of the $9,800 she needs to pay by April 1. A Tupperware fund-raiser will continue until next month. Lexi has also sent out sponsorship letters and will speak to the Vinton Lions Club and Vinton Kiwanis in the near future.
Click HERE to participate in the Tupperware fund-raiser. For more information, contact Lexi at
The schedule includes:

Grinnell June 29-July 3

London, July 4-6

Paris, July 7-9

Switzerland, July 10-12

Vaduz, Lichtenstein (Lunch, July 13)

Austria and Venice Italy, July 13-15

Dachau Concentration Cam, July 16

Rothenberg, Germany, July 16-18