When you make a trip to Virginia Gay Hospital to check out all of the Christmas Trees and various other decorations, be sure to look for Twinkles AND Twinkle Junior!

Twinkles, a twine snowman that was the original creation of Mandy Kakac,

But sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Mandy and her mom, Lori Smith, have created several items in the past to donate for the annual Tree Walk, and Avery has watched intently.

Twinkles donated by Wilson-Hite Insurance

This year Avery wanted to join in the fun, so it was agreed that she would make a miniature Twinkles which was dubbed Twinkles Junior.

Twinkles and Twinkle Junior have proudly joined the VGH Tree Walk.

Avery is 6 this year and had her own ideas of what her snowman should look like. Hers was not going to be the traditional boy snowman, she wanted a girl, with earmuffs, not a hat, and of course she needed eyelashes to make her look more like a girl.

Mom helped her to assemble all of the pieces but little Avery did the rest of the work on the snowman, er, snowgirl.

Avery of course thinks that the best amount to raise for her snowman should be somewhere in the ballpark of $1,000, because after all it IS for the hospital. The down side is that someone explained that this amount might be too high, so she thought perhaps $90 would be a good price. The little snowman, I mean snowGIRL is now at $80. I don’t know, perhaps Avery is right, $1,000 wouldn’t be too much to ask for little Twinkles Junior and after all it IS for the hospital…

Lori said of her granddaughter, “I am just so proud of her for wanting to help the hospital.  She is just a sweet, caring little person. She was just so excited to be able to help the hospital and donate her little snowman.  We put up a little sign next to it with pictures showing her working on the different steps so that people would know she actually did most of the work herself!”

Mandy and Lori usually work on the donation from Wilson-Hite Insurance each year.

Twinkles Junior created by 6 year old Avery Kakac.

To see Avery in action as she built her snowman…snowGIRL, click here to see photos!