Vinton residents will see an increase of approximately $12 in their monthly utility bills (water and solid waste disposal) beginning in August, and a probable increase in sewer rates as well in the near future.

During Wednesday’s meeting, the Vinton City Council approved the first readings of ordinances designed to increase the city’s landfill rate to $19.95 per month per billable address. This is an increase of $9.28 from the previous $10.67 monthly fee. The increase is needed to cover anticipated future landfill costs.

That water service fee ordinance calls for the city to create a Capitol Improvement Fund, adding $125,000 to the fund annually to cover future updates and improvements to the city water system. The ordinance raises the monthly operating and maintenance charge from $8.48 to $9.75, and the cost for the first 1,000 cubic feet of water use from $2.00 to $2.05.

City Manager Chris Ward estimated the monthly bills for most Vinton households will increase approximately $1.52. Most Vinton residents will pay about $12 more for water and garbage service after Aug. 1, when the ordinance takes effect. The council members plan to vote on second and third readings of the ordinances during meeting in July.

“The bad news is that rates are going up,” said Ward. “But the good news is that they are not going up as much as some people expected.”

The city council plans to meet in the near  future with consultants to consider how much to increase sewer rates to cover expected updates and improvements for that utility.