We quietly passed the 7th anniversary of Vinton Today, and once again we would appreciate any support you might be willing to give.
Giving you the news free of charge is what we do. We receive support from our many advertisers, but each year our fund drive provides what we need to, quite literally, keep the wheels on.
We were able to completely update our website last year, thanks to your generous donations. Now we’re able to include video with our stories and the general design is more contemporary and complete.
Vinton isn’t an island, and with that in mind we expanded the website to include sections devoted to the rest of Benton County. Those sections aren’t carrying a lot of traffic yet, but just as Vinton Today took time to grow, we think having those sections will be a great investment in the years to come. We believe it is an investment because we believe our part of the world can be made a bit stronger if all the communities in our county can share the same information and have the same rapid access to news affecting their community.
Finally, we strive to put our community’s best foot forward rather than reciting the news most news outlets thrive on. We’re not afraid to be a little slower if we can also be a lot more accurate. We’re not afraid to ask those in positions of responsibility to help us more fully understand an issue, rather than publishing half-baked facts. Vinton Today is the world’s window on Vinton, and now, all of Benton County. We think part of our responsibility to you is always keeping that in mind.
Thank you for your generous support in the past and we hope you will decide to help us improve again this year. To make your donation online, please click here.
Regardless of your choice, thank you for visiting Vinton Today and staying informed about the issues we all face together.


Dean and Valerie Close