Jeff Mangold is among the residents who share why they love Vinton in a new VU video.

By Melissa Schwan, VU

As we go through the daily hustle and bustle, we may easily forget what a great community Vinton truly is. If you need a reminder, take 3 minutes to watch this great video prepared by Vinton Unlimited Summer Intern Celia Turner.

Sometimes we almost become immune to certain things in the community because we see or experience them daily. Watching this video is a great reminder of what makes us so lucky to live or work in Vinton notes Melissa Schwan, Vinton Unlimited Director.

“I fell in love with making videos after I made an informational video about gravity in my 8th grade science class (starring my little sisters of course),” says Celia. Ever since then, I’ve probably made upwards of 30+ videos.”

Celia says she made many of her videos with the help of her best friend, Abby Scheel, just for fun.

“I also made videos for any school project that allowed me to – most of which I recruited my sisters for, promising them ice cream if they helped me,” says Celia. When I had the interview for the VU internship, I mentioned my love for making videos, and it spiraled into me making a handful of videos for Vinton Unlimited. It was overall a really great experience and resume builder; it helped that I had a fantastic boss, Melissa Schwan.”


See the “I love Vinton” video below: