Along with the Cedar Valley Humane Society, an Independence animal sanctuary is helping to care for hundreds of animals that were taken from a Vinton home yesterday.

Tracy Belle of the Wildthunder Wildlife and Animal Rehabilitation and Sanctuary said she and others there are caring for 300 of the more exotic animals found in the Vinton home of Babs Galkowski.

Among the exotics there are one snake and many geckos, lizards and turtles.

Vinton area residents are encouraging people to also donate to Wildthunder to help cover the expenses of caring for these animals.

Belle says things the sanctuary needs, along with financial help, include: Critter Keepers, 10 gallon tanks with lids, water bottles, small bowls, rodent food, bird seed, Aspen bedding, chinchilla supplies, hedge hog supplies, rodent antibiotics and pigeon food.

Donita Casey of the Vinton Friends of the Shelter, Inc., says local residents can bring things to the FOTSI building Thursday evening.

“The supply drop-off for this situation in Vinton is at 211 W 4th Street at the FOTSI building, from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, or residents can email us at to make arrangements if that day/time does not work for you. We will deliver to Wildthunder,” says Casey.

For more information on how to help Wildthunder, contact Belle at 319-961-3352 or visit their Facebook page.

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