By Dean Close, Vinton Today Editor

America’s most mis-named holiday is today: 9/11. Many calendars call it “Patriot’s Day,” in the embarassing reality that Americans used a name that they already had in place for another very important, very historical day: April 19.

But regardless of its name, or whatever you choose to call it, today is the 16th anniversary of the mid-morning airliner attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as well as the hijacking of Flight 93 in an attempt to fly that jet into some significant place in Washington, D.C.

Because it’s a 16th anniversary, and not a 10th or 25th, it won’t be in the news much.

But the lessons we learned, and the things we felt on that day, should still live in our souls.

The unity, the determination, the willingness to overlook minor differences and stand together as Americans — well, we all could use a reminder of what Sept. 11, 2001, felt like.

The Vinton Fire Department set up its yellow aerial ladder truck, placing a flag as high as possible over First Avenue to announce to anyone coming to or leaving Vinton that they remember that day, and the hundreds of firefighters and law enforcement officers who died that day trying to save others.

Kudos to them. It’s up to all of the rest of us, now, to remember the feelings of that first 9/11. And to let them guide our thoughts, our feelings, our prayers, our attitudes, on Sept. 12, and beyond.