Mrs. Julie Clingman is a dedicated and caring volunteer at Tilford Elementary.  She has helped countless students and has spent a lot of her own time and resources to help students learn. She’s spent the past 15 years helping with our elementary schools, including volunteering her time in the library at West Elementary and Lincoln Intermediate. She is incredibly knowledgeable about history and current events, which is evident by the education and excitement about history that she is passing on to the students. Children look forward to spending time with her and researching various topics. Here’s what the students have to say about spending time with Mrs. Clingman:

Mrs. Clingman has helped us learn many things about different topics including history, animals, places, people, holidays, foods, cultures and important events around the world.

One major way she helps us learn is by helping us research. We have to include important dates and details and use bibliographies. We have to use good sources and put the information in our own words. Mrs. Clingman helps us organize our information to be put in Google Presentations. We have to put the slides in order to make sense with our notes that we read.

We practice good communication by mailing letters to people and companies, making phone calls and interviewing people. We have invited people to visit us at Tilford so we can learn about our topic from them. Mrs. Clingman is a wonderful resource because she knows a lot about many topics.

Something special she sometimes does with small groups, is invite us to her house to cook foods from different cultures that we have researched. Some unique foods include yule log cake from Germany; lemon cake from Spain; rice pudding from Sweden, just to name a few. Students of all ages love the opportunity to learn from Mrs. Clingman. Zander Weber from Mrs. Hanson’s second grade class says, “She helps you learn many things so you can get a better job when you’re older.”

Another way she helps us research is by taking us on field trips. Some places we have been are the Brucemore Mansion, Grant Wood Museum, and museums in Cedar Rapids. Addy Ingham from Mrs. Rodman’s third grade class remembers going to the movie “Castaway” with Mrs. Clingman. Addy says Mrs. Clingman “is kind, and takes her time when we learn about history.”

Mrs. Clingman helps us know we are special. Chloe Mossman from Mrs. Haisman’s fourth grade class says she appreciates when Mrs. Clingman “puts in time to help” and “what she does for us is amazing!”

We appreciate her so much and we are so lucky to have someone like her at our school!

She is a super hero to all of us! “Every time we work with her, we are smarter when we come out!” says Jolie Watson from Mrs. Sturtz’s fourth grade class. We look forward to learning more from you!


Thank you again, Mrs. Clingman, for the attention, dedication and educational support you provide our students. You do so much for our school, and we hope you know how much you are appreciated!


Submitted by Mrs. Sturtz’s 4th graders on behalf of all students and teachers at Tilford Elementary