If you have ever watched the show Dharma and Greg, do it.

That wasn’t the point I wanted to make, but still, do it.

In the show, Dharma had a dog named Stinky.

Stinky then had his own dog named Nunzio.

We had that going on at our house for a while.

It started a couple years ago when Dean’s brother said, “We have a dog but we need to get rid of her.” We didn’t have a dog at the time, so after some begging from our youngest, we brought home our Mindy.

A few years later the phone rings again.

It’s Dean’s brother, again.

He says, again, “We have a dog, but we need to get rid of her.”

We had a dog at the time, so after some begging from our second youngest, they brought home our Patrice/Sam. (Patrice is what the girls named her, but Sam is what Dean called her)

A few weeks ago the phone rang, right after our oldest had left our house, with her hubby and baby in the car, and in the middle of a heavy rain storm.

My heart stopped, thinking that they had gone into a ditch.

Our oldest says hysterically. “I think we just ran over your dog…”

With relief, I told her to go on home, we’d take care of her, and it’s only a dog.

After many, many frantic texts back and forth, assuring her that it wasn’t her fault that the dog thought hiding under a running car was a good idea and deciding not to upset the granddaughters who were staying overnight by telling them, the answer to, “Where’s Sam?” would be that “she ran away”.

When you live in the country, you realize pretty quickly that you love your animals, you take care of them, but sometimes, things happen, and in the big scheme of things, you can always get another dog.

You cannot however, get another family member like the one you just had. The human lives are ALWAYS the priority.

And in this case it was reassuring all the “kids” that it was ok, and sheltering the grandkids from the awful reality of losing a pet for a few more years.

Poor little Patrice or Sam as Dean called her, didn’t make it that night.

Awhile ago, I had heard Mindy, our inside dog go outside and bark once.

She’d bark, then pause.

Bark, then pause.

I looked outside and saw the other dog come running to her.

Tonight, Mindy went outside, barked, paused.

Barked, paused.

She went to the other side of the house, barked, paused.

Barked, paused.

She went back to the front and toward the driveway.

Bark, pause.

Bark, pause.

Then she returned to the house.

I’m sure she’s perplexed.

Where’s HER dog?

Mindy always let us know really quickly that if you are going someplace, SHE wanted to go.

Then she figured out if Dean told her that he was going to work, she didn’t get to go.

Ironically, the grandbaby understands that too.

But most mornings, Dean would load both dogs up to go visit the Post Office, and then off to the bank to see Cindy at the drive up.

One dog sits patiently drooling in the front seat waiting for her treat while the other crawls halfway out the window to drool for hers.

Mindy now gets to go all by herself, still sitting in the front seat.

And Cindy will probably be asking, “Where’s the other dog.”

I just about took Mindy today, but I didn’t want to answer Cindy just yet.

The silly little fur balls, do this little trick.

The irritate you by digging holes in your yard, just to mess with you and your somewhat level lawn, and then they bring you a mole that they caught to make you proud.

The outdoor dog would come in and promptly pee on the floor, and then go outside and chase off a stray cat that was picking on our cats.

In a moment of weakness, you let her in, THEN realize she’s all muddy on her belly but she looks up at you with her one cockeyed ear and wags her tail in excitement because you are petting her while scolding her for being muddy.

You swear you aren’t attached to her, but now you don’t want to go to the bank and have to squeak out that no we only have one dog now.

Then you think you’ll write about it, and you blink a lot because your eyes are really tired…or something…

So trust me. If you get a dog, be careful.

Every time you call her a little muddy mutt, you will be giving a little piece of your heart away.

And every time you lose a pet, you’re going to want to get another to fill the empty places you have in your yard and heart.

So we are waiting for Dean’s brother to call, again…