After announcing tonight that Kwik Star would be coming to town, there was an immediate backlash. I kind of thought that everyone would be thrilled with the news, on the heels of losing Shopko, but nope.

According to comments on our Facebook page, the consensus was that two things were wrong with this plan.

First, we don’t need another gas station…even though we used to have the same number, remember there used to be a station called Fast Stop?

Secondly, the council or administrator shouldn’t have brought them to town.


Ok, pay attention here folks. This is where it gets interesting.

First, the city council and city administrator with all of the power that these offices hold is limited to one thing. Making sure you follow the laws of the town.  That’s it. That’s all. Well, and making new laws.

Secondly, they don’t go out and beg people to come to town or God forbid, tell businesses to leave! All they do is say, “Are you following the law?”

Business is good for Vinton.

I can only think of a handful that would be bad for Vinton. A pot dispensary, a casino and another that I won’t mention.

Now for those that don’t understand city government, pay attention.

These are the people that decide where stop signs go.

They help you get your sidewalks fixed.

They figure out how to pinch your pennies so tightly that they scream.

They make sure that the street department gets a new tractor when they need it and they listen to your complaints about anything and everything having to do with Vinton.

They also attend meetings every other week, at the city hall, and yes, you are all welcome to come and listen.

But no, they don’t get to tell you who stays and goes in Vinton.

The office of City Council used to be lovingly referred to as the City Fathers, but now we can elect women to fill the seat and it got complicated (and for the record, I’m not anti-woman, I’ll let you figure out why) in using that title. But think of it like that.

The city council is made up of people that are the city parents. They break up fights between neighbors with problems. They tell you what you can and can’t do. They thump you on the head when you are misbehaving.

What they don’t do is tell a new kid that they can’t be part of the family.

What they do do, is welcome the new kid to town and ask how they can make their life good in our little town.

So take a minute, and thank one of these responsible adults.

They really do try hard to make all of our lives a little better!