To our many readers and in particular Obama and Clinton supporters — Greetings

This is podcast of Laura Ingram show 7/21/17 fill in host John Hinderaker whose web site is powerline. The most interesting area is an interview with former DEA agent Jeff Prather. This covers items not brought forth by major media concerning “Fast and Furious”. This brings into question the legalities of same and the place both Pres. Obama and DOJ Holder and Sec State H. Clinton, and DEA played in what could be considered illegal activities that killed Ambassador Stevens, American Contractors and DEA agent Brian Perry. Start at timeline 54:00 – you will hear part of a station break. At the very end you will hear Mr. Prather praise Pres Trump for ending supplying arms to so called Syrian moderate rebels. Our Cedar Rapids Gazette published a Wash Post story condemning same. So I think it appropriate that readers no longer trust Washington Post stories as factually correct.  Where did ISIS get Tanks and other heavy weapons – answer in the pod cast.  You can get Prather views on his web site for a fee  —  Listen to Hinderaker interview – you decide.  Realize many of these whistle blowers are demonized by the very agencies they expose.


John Stiegelmeyer