I have received a lot of comparisons to Green Acres since I started my blog about adapting to country living. For those of you who missed this 1960’s sit com, the Green Acres series featured a successful New York lawyer who gave up the rat race to fulfill his dream: living the life of the traditional American farmer. Fighting the move to rural life is his glamorous, boa-wearing, city-loving wife. While I didn’t grow up in a large metropolitan area, and I don’t own a boa, it would be fair to say that I moved to the country with some reluctance. After several months of absurd adventures, I decided to start my blog to share these adventures with others.green acres photo retouched

It is hard to imagine that we have lived in rural Iowa for over seven years now, and I’m happy to report that we are still alive and facing each new challenge with a laugh and our trusty Kubota. I have received so many comparisons to the old T.V. show Green Acres that I was determined to take a similar photo for our holiday letter. Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to borrow a pig than you would think. So here is my “slightly retouched” version.

Our first years were filled with adventures and misadventures as we continued to adapt to country living. As I look over my blog and remember our attempts to tame nature, bouts of poison ivy, bon fires, grass fires (oops!), tree trimming, tree falling (oops!), tree not falling (strong expletive!), cutting grass and removing snow, I am amazed that we have escaped serious injury. Dealing with the moles, chipmunks, raccoons, deer, and other wildlife has become a science experiment involving chemicals, weapons and my trusty camera. (If you can’t shoot it, shoot a photo of it!)

We were thankful that this Christmas proved more peaceful than our first Christmas when the septic system backed up and we spent the majority of the day digging our daughter’s car out of a snow drift that it landed in when my husband tried to pull her up the icy driveway. I invite you to follow our crazy antics as I continue to share my blog posts from http://learningcountryliving.blogspot.com/.

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