Dear Editor,

All of us here in Vinton know we are not the biggest town with the most people.

Because of that, it’s not acceptable to be forgotten about by political candidates seeking our votes.

Our Congressman, Rep. Rod Blum, has challenged his opponent Monica Vernon to 10 debates throughout the district so as large a number of Iowans as possible—even those in the smaller counties—could judge for ourselves who was the better person to represent us. To this point Mrs. Vernon has only agreed to do two debates—and do you think either of these are in the smaller counties? Of course they aren’t. She has refused to debate outside of Cedar Rapids and Dubuque.

I think it speaks volumes that Rod Blum, who has already won in the District and who currently represents us, is willing to come to counties like ours to debate the issues facing this country. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, it should concern all of us that Monica Vernon wants our vote, but is not willing to come earn it.

Rod has proven that he cares about the District and can hold his own in Washington DC. Until Mrs. Vernon is willing to come and prove to me she can hold her own and is up to the job—I’ll be voting for Rod Blum in November.

 Patty Morgan