To the Editor:

I am very concerned about your attacks on our citizens who are most vulnerable when a medical emergency occurs.

Our former Governor dismantled a Medicaid program that was well run and efficient.

The Republicans in the legislature stood bye and watched a disaster in the making. Your party has made a mockery of this state by tearing apart the safety net of the unfortunate citizens who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own.

I speak from experience due to an on the job injury that should have been covered by the insurance company. United Fire and Casualty certainly took the premiums paid by my employer but for 8 years have failed to compensate me for the injury.

I have tried to speak to you and tell you my story but you don’t seem to have any time to have town meetings to speak to your constituents.

I will at some point possibly be forced to file for Medicaid if it is still even in existence after your Party gets done dismantling everything that was good about Iowa State Government.

If you would like to discuss my concerns please contact me and I will meet with you any time or place.

Jim Hessenius