Dear Editor,

Congress once again will not vote on a BUDGET, but a Continuing Resolution or CR.

Following are excerpts from an Air Force Association newsletter and excerpts from letter by Capt. Joseph R. John USN.

The passing of a CR will prevent a Government shutdown, but would continue Sequestation – budget restraints on the Armed Forces.  In light of increased threats by ISIL, China, and Russia I don think this would be a good idea.  Priorities  must happen as revenues do not match spending.


“Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein and the three other service chiefs again warned Capitol Hill against passing a long-term continuing resolution, saying it would do serious damage to the services, personnel, and readiness……. This shortfall would force us to stop flying in late June, save for the squadrons either in contingency operations or preparing to deploy to fight. By the end of the year, the Air Force would be short some 1,000 fighter pilots, he said. This would mean about $10 billion of investment into the pilots would walk out of the door “and it would take us 10 years to replace that experience, he said “Of all the things that we can do to retain pilots, the most important is to get them airborne.” In addition to this, more than 2,000 people who signed up to join the Air Force would not be allowed to enter the service until appropriations is passed,…….”

The U.S. Navy has problems of its own:     following is an exert of a longer letter by . by Capt Joseph R. John. USN. The Navy will run out of money.

“Naval Special Warfare Operations have been compromised by Obama holdovers. On January 29th, SEAL Team SIX led a Counterterrorist Operation, against Al Q’ieda in Yemen, in order to gather intelligence and terminate cell leaders. SOC William “Ryan” Owens, USN (SEAL) was lost in the operation, what turned into a preplanned ambush. Al Q’ieda received advance details and the timing of the operation; intense fire was poured into the SEALs upon landing, fire came from pre-established positions circumventing the targeted buildings.

Following the raid, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, 3 Muslim brothers from Pakistan hired by the Obama administration at a salary of $160,000/year (one brother was only 22 years old) were abruptly fired by the Trump administration. They were hired by members of the Muslim Brotherhood operating as a Fifth Column in US government, to manage Top Secret IT communications for 50 Democrats Congressional House leaders and Democrat Congressmen on the House Permanent Select Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees. They were accused of funneling Top Secret messages to outside servers; the 3 Awan brothers were accused of also stealing classified equipment.

The 3 Awan brothers managed IT transmission of Top Secret information on Cong Debbie Schultz (D-FL), Cong Keith Ellison (D-MN), Cong Andre Carson (D-IN) and 47 other Democrat Congressmen’s computers. They had access to Top Secret communications for Democratic Congressional members on the Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees who receive advance details on future Top Secret Special Operations, including advance details of the January 29th Counterterrorism Operation in Yemen by SEAL Team SIX, where the SEALs were ambushed by Al Q’ieda Terrorist waiting for them.

The policy of hiring 3 Muslim brothers from Pakistan by the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress, and holding them over compromised a Counterterrorist Operation, inflicted serious casualties on US Navy SEALs, and compromised the National Security of the United States.”

Just this AM on The Rush Limbaugh program it was learned that during the Clinton Administration an American aerospace firm (a major Democrat donor) gave the Chinese missile guidance technology so they could get their satellites into orbit. This was done through the State Department as the Commerce Department was prohibited by law to give this technology to an unfriendly foreign power. If that was not bad enough, the Japanese salvaging North Korean missile debris discovered the guidance systems were from the technology given to the Chinese by this American Company. So if they can get their missiles to fly they will be using U.S. guidance technology. Why on Earth would any Administration be so careless?

Money talks screw our security, thank you Obama and Clinton.

From Wikipedia: “Loral was accused of transferring technology to China in 1996. The incident arose as a result of an investigation into the launch failure of Intelsat 708, a Space Systems/Loral–built satellite. In a 2002 agreement with the State Department and Department of Justice the company agreed to pay $20 million in fines to settle the matter and to improve its compliance procedures. In the agreement Loral officials neither admitted nor denied the government’s charges, but Loral executives acknowledged “the nature and seriousness of the offenses alleged by the department in the draft charging letter, including the risk of harm to the security and foreign policy interests of the United States”, and stated that they wished to make amends through the payment of restitution. Schwartz subsequently released a statement accepting “full responsibility for the matter” and portrayed the incident as an error by a single Loral employee.”


John Stiegelmeyer