FAKE NEWS!! That is what our Liar-in-Chief President says when new reports come out that he doesn’t like. But guess who is the biggest purveyor of FAKE NEWS? It is Trump himself. He would rather take the unsubstaniated word of a conspiracy theorist and Tweet out a blatant lie against the former President than pick up a phone a contact the National Security Administration or the FBI to confirm the allegations before spreading his FAKE NEWS.

For the past 16 days we have endured endless coverage on this fake allegation. Heaven’s know how much tax payer money has been spent on this lie. It is now an international scandal. Trump’s press secretary wildly accuses Great Britain of being the source of the non-existent wiretap. Trump makes a joke out of the debacle while speaking alongside of Chancellor Merkel last Friday that made her head spin around to glare at Trump. America is being seen as a joke because of this manchild. He does not have the integrity to issue an apology to both President Obama and the nation.

Trump voters have you had enough yet? Or will a war with North Korea finally cause you all to realize what you have elected into office? When it is all said and done, chances are that it will be proven that the Trump campaign worked in tandem with Russian intelligiance during the election. I have no proof of that of course, but proof or truth is not needed anymore according to this alternative facts administration. Good job Trump voters!!

P.S. If you are inclined to answer this letter, stay on topic and please forego stating how bad Hillary Clinton is. You Trump supporters have more than enough to explain why you elected this incompetent and habitual liar as President.

Rosemary Schwartz