Dear Editor,

Florida School shooting:

We continue to learn of the failings of law enforcement both local and Federal. Also we have learned that School security personnel were present, at least one and perhaps as many three other armed Sheriff Deputies, but they did not act We do know this – A coach/teacher acted protecting Students with his body –  sacrificing his life, also there were Junior ROTC students acting to herd students to safety.

One did so at his own sacrifice. His wish to be appointed the Military Academy, West Point N.Y. granted posthumously.

I have previously stated that these school targets need to be hardened. This one evidently was, but those charged with defense did not act.

We expect law enforcement to charge to the sound of gunfire to protect us and our children, for whatever reason this did not happen. But a few, unarmed, on the inside acted and saved many.

Does the left wish to solve the problem or just make it an issue for the next election demonizing 5,000,000 NRA members and Republicans?

Harden the target by whatever means are necessary if that means having volunteers armed and trained then so be it, otherwise the next shooter is already armed and waiting for the opportunity.

Deterrence is the only remedy I see to this evil.


John Steigelmeyer