Dear Editor:

What is all the uproar over the House Passed health care act?? It’s not law yet as it has to go to the Senate where it will undoubtedly be changed and if passed will go back to the House for reconciliation.   Until then the ACA or Obamacare is still in force! For the vocal left to insinuate that people will die – yeah you bet we will all have that experience – but it begs the question as many millions have lost coverage under the failing Obamacare now. Good grief – take a breath – determine what you really need in a health care law and inform your representative – shouting, hand wagging and sign waving will not provide solutions.   We as a people have taken the step to socialized medicine and I fear there is no going back. Once an entitlement is given no one with their hand out will want it repealed. So then do you want the B.O. plan which is failing or do you want a new effort? Think it through.

Secondly – why the uproar over the firing of Director Comey. Democrats wanted him gone last October when he basically gave reasons for indictment of Hillary Clinton, now Sen Schumer calls it a mistake which is it? No matter that it was the Deputy A G who wrote the letter recommending dismissal; A G Sessions concurred so then what was President Trump to do? – delay, or act. He acted so to paraphrase Sen. Grassley “suck it up – move on”.

Thirdly, Benghazi: Some will say this is old news, but the question still remains – what assets did the Obama Administration, DOD, and Sec State HRC have at their disposal to attempt a rescue mission? Quoted from former Vice Chief of Naval Operations Capt. Joeseph R. John, USN(Ret) – “Admiral Mike Mullins, USN former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs …”he withheld information from Congress that 3 rescue missions by (1) a Marine Corps Fast Team 3 hours away, (2) the USS Stennis Carrier Battle Group 6 hours away & (3) two armed F-16Cs 3 hours away from Benghazi were prevented from launching to save American lives, …..” The point – President Obama gave “Cross Border Authority” in the raid into Pakistan to kill Osama Bin Laden, but would not give this authority to save Ambassador Stevens, a Foreign Service Officer, and two Security Contractors. We do not know where Pres. Obama or Sec Clinton were during this battle that lasted 13 hours. As stated above lots of time to attempt a rescue.

In contrast – President Trump acted quickly by sending cruise missiles into Syria to signal further gas attacks would not be tolerated

Gun Tote’n, Bible Reading, Flag waving Deplorable.

John Stiegelmeyer