To the Editor,

There is a 7% Hotel/Motel Tax on the upcoming election ballot for November 7, 2017. While I live outside of Vinton, I live near enough to realize the negative impact this might have on the entire county and beyond.

Every year a group of musicians I am associated with and gives back to the community by raising money for the Garrison library takes up a lot of space at the Cobblestone. Not for a night, but several days. Days spent in Vinton. Days spent eating, shopping, and more importantly just getting to know the people. The hotel has treated them like royalty over the years, as I’m sure they have treated visitors coming to Vinton for Boomtown or the county fair or a family reunion or wedding. This should matter to Vinton.

This should matter to Vinton because the hospitality offered to people from all points of the United States and parts of Canada at the place they stay is a direct reflection of the hospitality offered from the town itself and in that regard your only hotel has bent over backwards to serve you well. As a result, people look forward to visiting your town every year.

Vinton Unlimited’s mission statement says “Our mission is to foster economic growth and community improvement, and to promote the Vinton area as an attractive place to live, shop, work and play!” It makes no sense to penalize a business that is working towards that goal.

Todd Frank