By John Stiegelmeyer

FAKE NEWS WRITER: Step back – take a breath you are being manipulated by “talking points”. Anger has no solutions.

“the biggest purveyor of FAKE NEWS? It is Trump himself. He would rather take the unsubstaniated word of a conspiracy theorist and Tweet out a blatant lie against the former President… “

First off how did this story get leaked to major newspapers unless there was surveillance?   As of today on the news there is evidence that the Trump campaign team and the transition team were surveilled. Nothing really new here probably has been done before, but held secret.  If the Russian ambassador was surveilled this is O.K., but when an American Citizen shows up on that surveil it must be discarded. Whether or not there was a FISA request through a FISA Judge the leak of this conversation is a felony, as well as leaks of conversations of various heads of state. These conversations are classified. This is my understanding.

“Trump’s press secretary wildly accuses Great Britain of being the source of the non-existent wiretap.”

Judge Napolitano on FOX based on info from sources (unnamed) suggested that an individual in the Obama Admin or close to it was able to get the British intel. GCHQ. (Signals intel. — Gathering and Analysis) to intercept signals from Trump people. In this way there is no Obama Administration fingerprint. No FISA requirement needed by the Brits – as an aside – why would they admit to this gathering? They would not! This afternoon on WHO radio it was reported that indeed there was signal surveillance on the Trump team. By the way the individual who reportedly requested the Brit surveil either was fired or left the employ of the Obama Admin. after the Nov. 8th election.

“Trump voters have you had enough yet? Or will a war with North Korea finally……”

As to this point it has been reported in the Air Force Society magazine and newsletter that North Korea will soon have the ability to MIRV (multiple warheads) nuke weapons on their missiles. No idea how long this will take but any RNK nuke armed missile is unacceptable. Soon South Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, and West coast areas could be within range of RNK ICBMs. Sec State warning to RNK is on the mark. All the talks and agreements to date with RNK have not stopped their war stance or arms race. Another note: it has been reported by reliable sources that Chinese Boomer (missiles) submarines have been patrolling off the West Coast of the U.S. We do the same to other unfriendly Nations so it is a worry, but probably not an imminent danger unless RNK is able to have this type of submarine.

“chances are that it will be proven that the Trump campaign worked in tandem with Russian intelligence during the election”

There is no evidence what so ever that the VOTES were tampered with by Russian Intell. No ballots were changed by action of Russian intel. Donald Trump was dually elected by the Electoral College and by a majority of precincts West of New York and East of California. In Iowa HRC only won three counties.

There is no doubt that a war exists between the major, minor media and the opinion pages against President Trump, I think unfairly and without merit. It is also apparent that the Liberal/Socialist wing of the Democrat party is at risk, for if President Trump is successful in achieving security, improving economy, tax reform, and lower government spending – Democrats will have nothing to offer to improve prosperity.  For it is apparent that the Liberal/Socialist policies of The Obama Admin has not Improved the economy of the inner cities or the working middle class – not to mention a colossal failure of foreign policy.

Regards, — A Gun toting, Bible reading, Flag waving – Deplorable.