Regardless of the misinformed rhetoric of H. Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and others no Federally Licensed Firearms dealer can sell retail any firearm without a Federal Background Check. This includes retail stores as well as Gun Shows. The federal form can be downloaded at: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/atf-form-4473-firearms-transaction-record-revisions   click on “applications – eForm 4473 – download”

Question 11, f – asks about mental health – mental defective or commitment to a mental institution. The instructions section is specific about the necessary definitions. There are many other questions that must be answered and a signature is required affirming that all answers are true and correct.

Democrats and leftists use the same misinformed playbook each time there are multiple shootings. However, they and their left leaning kin fail to mention the ongoing shooting tragedies in Chicago and other Major cities controlled by Democrats. For instance since Friday last in Chicago 8 homicides, and 64 non-fatal shootings. There is an average of 82 shootings per week, amounting to 2,818 this year –since January. Where is outrage from the main stream media and Democrats?

I am a gun owner and a member of the NRA. I do not apologize for either. The NRA has never killed anyone. On the other hand Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have killed 53,888,303 unborn babies since 1970-2013. That is indeed a massacre.


John Stiegelmeyer