I have been affected by various medical problems during the past few months. I am still recovering from a respiratory infection at this time, but have made good progress.   It brings me to point out how good my medical care has been and to also point out some of its faults – as we as a people struggle to find a workable healthcare law.

I have had many tests ranging from cardiac, pulmonary, CT scans, X-rays, a 30 day heart monitor, and many blood tests all at considerable expense. I am at the age where Spouse and I are on Medicare and Supplemental insurance. Medicare and our Supplemental insurance have paid for everything leaving no balance for us to be responsible for, but for some of the more expensive tests and for doctors consultation, Medicare and Insurance paid for roughly half, leaving the balance to be eaten by the Hospital or Clinic conducting these tests.

The only way this can work is that there is private insurance where the people conducting these tests can make up the difference by beefing up the private bill. This is the basic reason Single Payer cannot work.

With everyone on Medicare there is no way for Medical practitioners to make up for shortage in payments. So even though single payer sounds good to some there is no practical way to pay for the whole thing.

Some of my appointments with specialists reached out some 60 days, the way I was feeling I felt I would either be well or dead by the time the appointment time rolled around. One appointment with a pulmonary specialist was sixty days out in front; I turned it down as I had reason to expect an appointment in a much shorter time frame should be available. My primary med care nurse was a little peeved that I turned down the appointment as she had great difficulty securing the one sixty days out. She told me that these long times can be laid at the feet of government. \

She stated that at this clinic they had seen 50 patients daily now with additional rules they are down to 30. She told me about one of their patients with a throat problem that her appointment was six months out.

I had no idea things could get this bad.   We have some of the best methods in the World for treating disease, because our people are so innovative.

Patients in the U.K., Canada and others that have government controlled health care experience in many cases long wait times. One of our local talk show radio hosts who came to us from the U.K. blames his Father’s untimely death on the long waits times he experienced.

Let’s be careful what we wish for.


John Stiegelmeyer