Dear Editor,

Senator Chuck Grassley is one of Iowa’s greatest champions in Washington D.C.  Unlike so many people we send to D.C., Grassley has not lost his Iowa values and continues to represent us well.

Senator Grassley has made it a point to be present in the senate so he can be our representation.  In 35 years, Senator Grassley missed just 36 votes, or 0.3%.  When you compare the records of our U.S. Senate candidates, Grassley’s record of 36 missed votes in 35 years vs. the other candidates 182 missed votes in just 6 years in the Iowa legislature shows a clear contrast in their priorities

Senator Grassley makes it a point to visit every county of our 99 each year and is accessible to Iowans.  You won’t catch him flying to California to raise money instead of spending time in his home state, visiting with Iowans and hearing our concerns.

Senator Grassley, as Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, has stood firm in his commitment to allowing the American people to choose what kind of representation we have on the Supreme Court.  Senator Grassley is not beholden to special interests and does what’s best for Iowans, not for himself or other politicians.

I am writing to encourage my fellow Iowans to cast your valuable vote for U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, and help him get re-elected to the U.S. Senate so that Iowa can continue to be represented by someone who cares.


Bethany Gates