Dear Editor,
On Monday 8 January at 10am the Iowa General Assembly begins the 2018 portion of its work.  For over a decade now Iowa citizens have been able to use the internet to listen to the live floor proceedings of the House and Senate, and for the past several years a live streaming video cast for both chambers has also been available.
Watching the proceedings of the General Assembly is very informative, enlightening, sometimes humorous, at times emotionally charged.  I strongly encourage the gentle readers of this website to observe (a skill separate from watching that involves evaluating tone, body language, and attitude) members of the General Assembly to discover how the state’s business is actually carried out.
For each chamber there is an option to either watch or listen live or to archived recordings.  Choose what is most convenient for your needs at this link:

At that link one can also research bills, see lobbyist declarations in favor of or opposed to legislation, and get contact information for the members of the General Assembly.

Now more than ever our Republic requires less partisanship and more intellectual citizens monitoring every level of governance.  Observe our elected officials in action in real time so that your vote this fall is well informed.
Alexander Vasquez