Dear Editor

John’s Rant:

Oh boy! Here we go the Democrat narrative playing out over the nomination of Senator Jeff Session to be the new Attorney General. Senator Session has a long record of public service with no racist criticism until now. Elizabeth Warren an Academic turned politician, the “You didn’t build that” naysayer. The narrative – thus: Marginalize, Criticize, Demonize. Each pick by President elect Trump will meet the same anal inspection, but for what purpose?

Secondly: I am sick and tired of the Left Wing naming me racist, homophobic, bigoted, intolerant, narrow minded, deplorable, an enemy of Hillary and other Democrats, and therefore an enemy of the State. I am sick of the whole works. No proof, just make the charge and make it often enough and it sticks. Good Grief! Democrats were soundly beaten in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 election cycles. Not only that, but President Obama is a loser as well: more Governors more Republican controlled State Legislatures. On the other hand there are no more excuses – make us great again.

The Washington Post labeled Obama one of the biggest losers of Election Night:

* President Obama: The outgoing president left no doubt that he saw his own legacy on the line in the 2016 election. He was an active and aggressive advocate for Clinton on the campaign trail, insisting that the progress he had made over these last eight years could be lost if Trump was elected. But, for the third election in the last four, Obama was unable to transfer his popularity to his party. (Democrats suffered massive losses in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections and now, this.) It remains to be seen whether Trump will make good on his promises to undo a number of Obama’s signature accomplishments — the Iran deal, the Affordable Care Act etc. But, the very fact he was elected on a promise to, essentially, erase the record of the Obama administration speaks to the fact that while a majority of Americans may like Obama, they’re not too keen on his policies.

It is now up to President elect Trump and the Republican controlled Congress to undo the damage that President Obama has done to our once great Nation. With such a disastrous loss Democrats always wish to end the Electoral College that our wise Founders placed in our Constitution. Without this college the left coast and New York would elect left wingers to the Presidency. The Plain States including Iowa with six votes no voice. We would be disenfranchised. Not going to happen as long as us with critical thinking skills are alive. Stay tuned. Your mileage may vary.

John Stiegelmeyer